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Best of June 2020

It’s starting to get hot. Here are some things I came across in the month of June that I thought were pretty cool.

Scott Hanselman – Scaling Yourself

Scott kept it real in this talk. He provided some great tips on how to take care of yourself and be more productive by cutting out a bunch of bullshit and setting your priorities.

Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg

I think everyone should read this book. The main takeaways for me were:

  • Needs. Everyone has needs. The cause of our unhappiness is often because our needs aren’t being met. So a good question to ask is, “What needs do I have that aren’t being met?”
  • People have very different needs. I need alone time. She needs affection. They need safety. Your needs are valid and deserve to be respected.
  • There is a 4-part formula:
    • Observation: What I observe that does or does not contribute to my well-being
    • Feelings: How I feel in relation to what I observer
    • Needs: What I need or value that causes my feelings
    • Request: The concrete actions I would like taken

For example, “When I see them drop trash on the ground I feel furious because I find it disrespectful to the public space. I would like for them to put their trash in a bin.”

Instead of, “I fucking hate people who litter!”

FIU Professor Lawrence Meyer database course rant

I stumbled upon this video of a miserable(?) professor being extremely hard on the students in his database class. The description and comments on YouTube are an enhancement that I didn’t think I needed.

(Former?) FIU professor Lawrence Meyer goes on a 15 minute rant, insulting students for the quality of their work. He would routinely waste time in class ranting about useless things and when students didn’t learn anything, this was the result.

Running in NYC / Brooklyn

I have been enjoying the running scene in Brooklyn. This is a beautiful video that captures some of the areas I run in, and some that I will eventually get to.


  • Like This by Park Hye Jin
  • If I Was a Folkstar by The Avalanches
  • Aurora Borealis by Meat Puppets
  • Eyes Without a Face by Billy Idol
  • Braided Leaves by Machinedrum
  • Make it Forever by George Clanton
  • Raw Cuts #3 by Motor City Drum Ensemble
  • Choose Yourself by Star Slinger

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