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Opening a jar

The idea I was working on a bash script that copied a bunch of jar files from S3. As a person who has avoided Java so far in my career, I don’t know much about jar files, JVM, etc. But I was curious what was inside these jar files, so…

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Hadoop Notes

I just started a new job and need to learn about the “big data” ecosystem. I’m writing this post to reinforce some learning, improve my memory retention, and to create a reference for myself (and others?) to use in the future. What is Hadoop? Tries to bring compute as close…

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Wireshark Filters

Wireshark is an awesome tool that lets you look at network activity. It captures packets of data leaving and entering a network and displays them in a graphical user interface. I’ve found Wireshark to be an invaluable learning tool. I’ve used it to help me understand network protocols, such as…

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Notes on Database Replication

Benefits of replication Increase availability – if one database goes down, it doesn’t bring down the entire system. Reads can start being sent to the replica. Decrease latency – having a replica database geographically closer to a user provides a faster response (e.g CDNs) Increase throughput – Having more databases…

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Presigned URLs on S3

By default, objects on S3 are private. But what if you want to allow others to download an object, but you don’t want to deal with user creation and IAM policies? One way to achieve this is by distributing a presigned URL to the object. A presigned URL is a…

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