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Notes on Database Replication

Benefits of replication Increase availability – if one database goes down, it doesn’t bring down the entire system. Reads can start being sent to the replica. Decrease latency – having a replica database geographically closer to a user provides a faster response (e.g CDNs) Increase throughput – Having more databases…

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Presigned URLs on S3

By default, objects on S3 are private. But what if you want to allow others to download an object, but you don’t want to deal with user creation and IAM policies? One way to achieve this is by distributing a presigned URL to the object. A presigned URL is a…

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Just in Time (JIT)

JIT came up with learning about the JavaScript V8 Engine. A blog post I read said, V8 gets its speed from just-in-time (JIT) compilation of JavaScript to native machine code, just before executing it. source So what is JIT. It is an acronym for Just in Time. But really, it…

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