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Tag: security

How Encryption on the Internet is Established: the TLS Handshake Protocol

In this post, we will look at the TLS Handshake Protocol that is required to create an encrypted, authenticated connection between a client and a server. This information comes from examining TCP packets using Wireshark. Before we get into the TLS Handshake, there is another handshake (often referred to as the “three-way handshake” or “SYN…

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Kubernetes Controller Manager Service Accounts

Each Kubernetes Controller Manager has a service account. $ kubectl get serviceaccount -n kube-system certificate-controller 1 85d cluster-autoscaler 1 15d cronjob-controller 1 85d daemon-set-controller 1 85d deployment-controller 1 85d disruption-controller 1 85d endpoint-controller 1 85d expand-controller 1 85d generic-garbage-collector 1 85d horizontal-pod-autoscaler 1 85d job-controller 1 85d … These service…

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