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Tag: kubernetes

Kubernetes Host Networking

There is an option in Pod.spec called hostNetwork. What does it mean? My favorite way of learning about Kubernetes resources is by using the explain command. $ kubectl explain pod.sec.hostNetwork KIND: Pod VERSION: v1 FIELD: hostNetwork DESCRIPTION: Host networking requested for this pod. Use the host’s network namespace. If this…

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Kubernetes Controller Manager Service Accounts

Each Kubernetes Controller Manager has a service account. $ kubectl get serviceaccount -n kube-system certificate-controller 1 85d cluster-autoscaler 1 15d cronjob-controller 1 85d daemon-set-controller 1 85d deployment-controller 1 85d disruption-controller 1 85d endpoint-controller 1 85d expand-controller 1 85d generic-garbage-collector 1 85d horizontal-pod-autoscaler 1 85d job-controller 1 85d … These service…

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