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Smallest and Largest Numbers in Python

It’s useful to have a constant variable that represents the largest and smallest number that can be contained in an integer or floating-point number. In Python, these can be represented as so: small = float(‘-inf’) large = float(‘inf’) >>> large > 123123981029830192830198219999999999123192837 True >>> small < 0.0000000000000000001 True Source

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Best of March 2020

Bill Kennedy’s Go Training Jerusalem artichokes from the farmer’s market Born to Run by Christopher McDougall Rich Roll Podcast with Zach Bush tgik Running around Prospect Park Chill Out by The KLF Playing piano Planting cucumber, basil, and spinach seeds and seeing them start to sprout

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Chrome Shortcuts

Here are some helpful shortcuts for getting around the Web in Google Chrome. Cmd+f Find Cmd+l Select the address bar Ctl+e Take the cursor to the end of a line Ctl+a Take the cursor to the beginning of a line Alt+Shift+Arrow Select full words in the address bar Alt+Cmd+Arrow Move…

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