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The Last Two Weeks

I recently put in my two-week notice at a company where I have been working as a devops engineer for the past year. I want to reflect one some of the thoughts and realizations that I’ve experienced in these final days.

First off, it’s important to know that our company is a seasonal company. Our busiest time of the year is the beginning of summer, which is when I am writing this blog post. It is the time of year when we process record-high amounts of data while trying to maintain a tight service level agreement with our customers. Things tend to get hectic during this time of the year.

Create things not for you, but for others

Someone is going to have to maintain the thing you built one day. You should make it as easy as possible for that person to take over your responsibilities. Things that are going to be helpful to that person include,

  • Writing clean, concise documentation
  • Providing working examples of how to do things
  • Create a visual diagram of how the thing works
  • Write about common errors and how to troubleshoot them (aka “panic docs”)

Don’t be lazy; follow through

You know those moments where you take a shortcut and tell yourself, one day I’ll get around to making that better, but it’s late and I’m done for the day? And you kinda sweep it under the rug in hopes that either no one will notice, or it won’t be a serious issue?

When you leave, someone is going to inherit all that dust that was swept under the rug. Things will break and no one will understand why they are breaking because they were blind to the dust that was swept under the rug. The shortcuts you took without telling anyone may end up creating problems that are very hard for your team to solve.

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