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Category: Today I Learned

Kubernetes Controller Manager Service Accounts

Each Kubernetes Controller Manager has a service account. $ kubectl get serviceaccount -n kube-system certificate-controller 1 85d cluster-autoscaler 1 15d cronjob-controller 1 85d daemon-set-controller 1 85d deployment-controller 1 85d disruption-controller 1 85d endpoint-controller 1 85d expand-controller 1 85d generic-garbage-collector 1 85d horizontal-pod-autoscaler 1 85d job-controller 1 85d … These service…

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Smallest and Largest Numbers in Python

It’s useful to have a constant variable that represents the largest and smallest number that can be contained in an integer or floating-point number. In Python, these can be represented as so: small = float(‘-inf’) large = float(‘inf’) >>> large > 123123981029830192830198219999999999123192837 True >>> small < 0.0000000000000000001 True Source

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Chrome Shortcuts

Here are some helpful shortcuts for getting around the Web in Google Chrome. Cmd+f Find Cmd+l Select the address bar Ctl+e Take the cursor to the end of a line Ctl+a Take the cursor to the beginning of a line Alt+Shift+Arrow Select full words in the address bar Alt+Cmd+Arrow Move…

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