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Best of January 2020

The first year of the decade started with a return back to Berkeley from a two-week holiday trip to New York. Here are some things that I found memorable this month.

Henry’s Kitchen: Meatloaf for One

I used to watch these videos years ago. I was so happy to see Henry is still making them. Pure comedic gold.

Hack the Box by IppSec

The guy has a YouTube channel full of hacking videos. He is super slick with Bash, Linux, and an arsenal of hacking tools. I like his pacing in these videos. I find these videos to be a fun way to learn about security and how to be more effective in Linux and on the web.

The One You Feed: Pete Holmes on Discovering Spiritual Truths

I’ve been really into Pete Holmes the past couple of months. I read his book Comedy, Sex, Love, and could relate to his upbringing and path towards spirituality. He’s a funny guy, but I really love it when he talks about God, spirituality, and religion; which is what this episode was mostly about.

A Silver Mt Zion: 13 Angels Standing Guard ‘Round the Side of Your Bed

It’s hypnotic. It’s haunting. It takes me to a place beyond this world.

RabbitMQ Tutorials

The authors of the tutorials for RabbitMQ deserve great praise. First off, the comparison of RabbitMQ to a post office really helped me grok what a message broker system is. A queue is a P.O. box. Producers put mail in the P.O. box. Consumers take the mail out of the box.

Not only are the tutorials well-written, but they are also encouraging for newbies. They don’t overwhelm you with too much information upfront, and they are broken up into chunks that build up from the chunk before it. And for a cherry on top, they offer these tutorials in a handful of languages so you can choose the one you are most comfortable with.

Kobe Bryant

Tragedy struck this month with an unfortunate helicopter crash that took the life of Kobe, his daughter, and others.

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