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Best of May 2020

May was a very challenging month for me, and millions of other people around the world. As one of my friends told me,

These days I’m finding it hard to answer even the most basic questions, like, “How’s it going?”

Despite it all, there were a few things that I ran into this month that I want to make note of.


I’ve watched a few videos put out by YouTube account, ExtraCrispyNYC. I like them because they show a great view of the streets of NYC and Brooklyn, there often isn’t music so you just hear the natural sounds of the environment, and the young skater is really easy to root for.

The Yoga Sutras

Sri Swami Satchidanada’s interpretation of the Yoga Sutras has been in my small collection of books for the past 10 years or so. It’s one that I return to when I could use a reminder about what is Real and how one should live.

Something that recently stuck with me was this word, vairagya, which means to be unattached to the effects a series of thoughts can have on you. Not allowing a thought to snowball into a feeling of depression, and then into sabotaging your body, for example.

And taking refuge in Ishvara, the guru of the gurus, the Infinite. Remembering that this world we experience day-to-day is finite, and one should not be attached to it either.

Radio Garden

I downloaded an app called Radio Garden that lets you tune into radio stations all over the world. I used to be a music hoarder. I love collecting music and making playlists. But there is something I find very healthy about listening to the radio. You don’t have the opportunity to take from it, to hold on to it forever. The music is there for a moment, you enjoy it (or you don’t), and then something else is played. This is especially cool at a global scale where you can tune into far away frequencies and get a taste of some of the tunes they enjoy.

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