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Best of July 2020

July has been an eventful, challenging, and transformative month. It’s been hot and humid in Brooklyn; getting up into the 90s. I started a new job at Autodesk, but before I started I went on a week-long trip to Laurel Park, North Carolina. I have been dealing with a foot injury, so I’ve been doing therapy on that, taking it easy on running and doing more yoga. At this moment I am very happy with where I am, and it’s thanks to some of the excellent things I have come across this month.

David Goggins

I am now a Gogginsite. His book, Can’t Hurt Me, has been very inspiring and I don’t think I’ll ever be the same.

Yoga in the Park

Towards the end of this month I have been going to the park in the early morning, with my yoga mat and taking practice underneath the trees. It’s been lovely. Since I have been running a lot the past few months, I have kind of neglected my yoga practice, and stretching, and it’s contributed to my plantar faciiaitis injury, no doubt. After decreasing running and increasing yoga asanas, I have noticed a tremendous difference in my flexibility (especially my calves) after only a few weeks.

I lay my mat in the same place each day, and there is always this lady nearby who does improv dancing in between the trees. I have never spoken to her, but I like her presence. Actually, the presence of other people (and dogs) at the park really helps me in my practice. Knowing that other people may be observing me makes me want to be my best. It gives me energy.


I’ve been watching NetworkChuck’s CCNA video course. His videos are extremely high quality, he has kind of a fun personality and is passionate about teaching networking.


Nectarines are in season. I love the smell of white nectarines; so fluorescent. Honestly, it might be my favorite fruit. Sweet, juicy, smooth texture. Perfect for the summer.

Block Site

I’ve been using the Chrome extension, BlockSite, to put a filter on some websites that don’t serve me well. I haven’t been to Reddit in over three weeks, and I think my mind is a lot healthier. I originally blocked Twitter, but that filter didn’t last. I also have been checking Google News multiple times a day. Previously, Reddit was my news source. But at least I am not getting a bunch of random distractions that Reddit dishes out.

Dr. Huberman (Neuroscience)

Thank the lord I stumbled into this episode of the Rich Roll podcast. It has been a tremendous help in my relationship. The biggest takeaways for me were:

  • Duration -> Path -> Outcome loop
  • The eyes; looking at horizons to calm the mind
  • Stress as a motivator
  • The importance of sleep
  • The physiological sigh

Freestyle Love Supreme

I watched this documentary about the group of men who created the musical, Hamilton. My favorite part of the doc was the footage of them right before they go out to face the crowd on the stage. They all say “I got your back” to each other. I have been using that as a mantra to foster support for myself and others, telepathically.


  • Animal Collective’s new release, “Bridge to Quiet”
  • “Words” by Low
  • “Feeling for You” by Cassius
  • “Rain” by Whitney
  • “Bird’s Lament” by Moondog

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