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Best of April 2020

It’s that time again for another monthly recap of things that I have been into the past month of April.

The comment section of Watering a Flower by Haruomi Hosono

I came for the hypnotic sounds; I stayed for the YouTube comments.

a little snail doing his best (and his best is enough)

sounds like the “insert coin to continue” screen of life

can only assume this is what it feels like to be a fungus

Bridge Runs

I have been going on some relatively long runs lately, exploring new routes, like crossing the Brooklyn Bridge to get to Manhattan. From the other side, I can come back on either the Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Williamsburg bridges. I feel accomplished after a pull off a run like that.


We have been watching Seinfeld lately. I used to watch this show back in the day on cable TV, and it’s been kind of comforting to throw on an ep after a days work. There is this one scene where Kramer is driving to California and he’s listening to some MIDI-sounding music and doing weird shit with his head, as usual. It is really bizarre.

Pakt Like Sardines In a Crushed Tin Box by Radiohead

My friend recommended a song of the album, Amnesiac, by Radiohead. The song he recommended didn’t stick with me, but it reminded me that this is one of the few Radiohead albums I haven’t spent much time with. The opening track here is fire. I’m a reasonable man, get off my case.

Up Close and Personal

I have a new favorite podcast, and it’s called Up Close and Personal with Those Timeless Creatives (aka Jay Weingarten and Matthew Goldin). The format, editing, and humor of the podcast is something you’ve never heard before. You might hate it. But give it a chance. Some of the writing is brilliant, in a non-ironic way. Listening to these episodes makes me laugh; makes me ponder; makes me say “amen!”; and admire their creativity. I’ve started to become big fans of these guys’ style and I think it’s going to very influential.

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